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Idaho Army National Guard Soldier

Posted: 03/31/2024

    We have over 100+ jobs in the state, both part time or full time service. The Idaho Army National Guard offers very competitive benefits any business or organization within the state can offer. We are always looking for qualified individuals that are wanting to not only reach their full potential, but receive real, tangible rewards for serving their state and country. Through the process you and your family may have many questions and concerns. Please schedule an appointment or give us a call to ask any and all questions you may have and we'll be happy to answer them. Every service is different, so what is true for one branch may not be true for all.
    Our goal is to ensure every person that is thinking of joining the military is well informed and understands the entire process and commitment. We want you to get the most out of your experience in the Idaho Army National Guard and be able to achieve your personal goals and desires. We also have a program called Pathways to Citizenship to assist soldiers families in the states with no legal status who may qualify in gaining permanent residency. 
    Your commitment will on average be one weekend a month and 2 consecutive weeks within the year. You'll also perform extended training  based on your job skills and or career progression requirements. These are scheduled at least six months in advance, so you can schedule and plan accordingly with your civilian employers and or families.

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