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Caldwell Basque Charities


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About Us

Caldwell Basque Charities is a charity organization that for nearly 50 years, has used our Basque Culture and Festivities to help raise money to distribute back to the community. We are a group of volunteers that have a deep love of our history and a passion to help our community. Several in the group are second and third generation members.
We participate in the Caldwell Night Light Christmas Parade, Caldwell Basque Charities Annual Meat Drive, and the Annual Caldwell Basque Dinner/ Dance which is our main fundraiser for the year.
You don't have to be of Basque heritage to receive help from our group. We take applications for help and determine the best way to help the applicants. Over the years we have bought eyeglasses, artificial limbs, medical procedures, and wheelchairs and mobility equipment. We have also paid rents, bought water heaters, groceries, and things like travel expenses for a parent to accompany a loved one to medical procedures. There are many ways we give back to the community including our Annual Christmas Meat Drive which gives $8000 of meat products to the community.
Contact us through this page if you want to help us make a difference!


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Rep/Contact Info

Andy Beitia
Ray Bicandi
  • Phone: (208) 482-6218
Tim Quintana

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