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Carco Mineral Resources, Inc.


Manufacturing & Production

About Us

Our products are principally being used for retention & drainage, deinking, contaminant control and other water treatment applications in pulp and paper mills. From 1996 to 2003, the Company was an exclusive supplier of bentonite for Ciba Specialty Chemicals for use in their once patented Hydrocol and Organopol systems.

Today, with the ever-changing paper industry, CARCO has embarked on a diversification program to broaden its customer base and its product lines. For example, we now serve several chemical companies for the paper industry, and our products are making significant strides in areas of paper mills such as Deposit Control and Effluent water treatment. As a matter of fact, because of excellent response to the quality of our material, paper mills are now specifying CARCO bentonite to their chemical suppliers.

In addition, CARCO now offers quality products for other industries such as sealants for reservoir construction, ceramics and for many other industrial uses. We are continually working to improve and innovate new products as an effort to support all bentonite demands while welcoming the opportunity to work with others in the development of new products and ventures for all markets.


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